How to Join?

Thank you for your interest. But we have filled both teams, registration is now closed.

Official MI5 registration:

(1) Player's name - please make sure to send Yvonne the player's name on the passport. On the day of the tournament, the player must bring his/her passport for ID check. No player will be allowed in without a proper ID matching the name entered on the registration form.

(2) Player's age - Remember, to be eligible for the Atoms division, the player must be born 2005 and younger. This will again be checked during the passport check.

(1) Registration Fee to enter the tournament: HKD$1400 per player
Please follow carefully the instructions on the Typhoons website on how to pay.

(2) Practice Fees: approximately HKD$350 or below per practice session. But practices are not mandatory so you decide how many practices to attend. Please see the practice schedule for more information.

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